Friday, May 7, 2010

Being Sick

     I've been sick for the past days so I haven't been able to write posts. I had fever due to colds and had tonsillitis at the same time. It was pretty tough, though. Nowadays, people get sick too easily. We blame it on the weather, too hot then suddenly rain pours in the afternoon. Sometimes we blame pollution, too. Well, there are a lot of factors why people get sick, actually. We can even blame ourselves, as well. People, most often than not, abuse their bodies by eating too much than what's needed, always sleeping really late, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and the like. 
     To be able to avoid getting sick too easily, to get rid of the hassle in going to the doctor and buy expensive meds, and especially if you know that you have low body resistance, you better take extra care instead of abusing one's self. We only have one body so we better try to be responsible of it. Eat enough, stay away from food and things which won't benefit our bodies, exercise regularly (easier said than done, though), drink occasionally, take your vitamins daily, and drink at least 8 glasses of H2O. These are just the basic things to do to avoid sicknesses.
    MODERATION is simply the key. A little of everything harms no one.