Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shoot Me:

Forever In Blue Jeans

I haven't mentioned....hmmm...I LOVE to sing. I don't have an amazing or brilliant voice like the Divas we see on TV but all I know is I know how to sing. lol. I got this singing talent from my parents. Thank God for this talent, too. ;) I can get the tones of the alto, tenor, and the bass, but just a bit of the soprano. haha..That's too high for me. I love to sing the second voice. ;) So when I hear any random song, expect me to sing or to even hum the second voice of it and not the melody.  ;) 


Sunshine4Life said...

I hope to hear you sing someday.

I love to sing alto and 2nd voice although am a trying hard soprano.

I love to sing, too but scared of microphones. =) I sing very well in the shower.

My 22nd is now up!

Marice said...

cute shot sissy.. i agree sana with video :)

u may view mine here

Erin said...

Singing is just fun, isn't it?