Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Should I Order?

A couple of months ago, I have been praying to God for a new job that pays better than the previous one. And yeah, God answered my prayer just in time. I had made deals with Him if He gives me a job. One of those deals was to learn how to save. Since I started working years back, I haven’t been able to learn the process of saving. I was a bit successful in saving but it only lasted for a couple of months. For when I started checking how much I had saved, unfortunately, I got tempted in using the amount. And that didn’t happen just once.

After I got the job that I applied for, I really made it sure to save even just a few every month, especially for my birthday. And speaking of my birthday, it is the month of August already so that would simply mean I’ll be a year older again a few days from now. LOL. I have been planning to have a little party for my family and a few selected friends. But my problem is to where I can order sumptuous, mouth-watering food for my visitors. I tried looking for the restaurant business cards that I have been collecting over the years and have been doing inquiries lately. I just want it to be a very fun event with lots of delicious food served for my beloved visitors. And I shouldn't forget the cake and ice cream! Hmm, I can't wait for that day. I hope everything will be fine. :)