Thursday, November 11, 2010


     Three Thursdays ago, my bestfriend’s dad had a stroke. I was in the middle of teaching my online student when I received a message about the incident. My heart was beating soooo fast like I didn’t know what to do. But the first thing I did was to simply utter a prayer.
     Early the next day, I called Rio, my bestfriend, who was in Manila at that time. I really persuaded her to get the soonest flight she can and come home and be with her family in this time of crisis.
     Lolo Totz, as what I call him, was in the ICU. Overwhelming support or relatives and very amazing friends comforted the family somehow. The time that I was there, his system was deteriorating and the doctor advised to have a brain surgery. There was nothing to do but to agree with the doctor. And praise God for a very successful operation! What’s more amazing? Lolo Totz is recovering really fast. The recuperating period was supposed to be 3 to 4 weeks but by God’s undoubtedly AMAZING GRACE, it went down to just a week. Wow! Isn’t that awesome? Indeed God hears and answers prayers! And He heals, too!  
      Right now, Lolo Totz is out from the hospital and is already in his home sweet home. ;) 

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Jingle said...

lovely notes,
Thanks for sharing.

Pia said...

praise God! glad your lolo totz is safe and recovering. God is good.