Friday, November 12, 2010

Tickets! Tickets!

         My cousins who are living in the States have their part time jobs while finishing their Nursing studies. They are both married and have children so they need to juggle their time with work, studies, raising their kids plus the household stuff. I cannot imagine how they do it. 
          On Facebook, the largest social network in the world today, my cousins always update their status, I noticed. They are both managers, by the way. One would always say, “NYC bus trip seats still available..not many…Call me or email me if you want to join us.” The other would say, “ tickets are still available. Call me or email me. Better hurry, guys!” These are just two of the posts I often read in their updates. Hmmm. I just wonder how they juggle their time. But nonetheless, they personally told me that they actually enjoy what their jobs. I salute you, my dear cousins, for being such an inspiration!