Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding Plans

          Ain’t getting married yet!  Not this soon. I’ll tell you a secret. Hush, hush.  Since we’re not getting any younger, my boyfriend and I have been, I cannot say “planning” but rather including the wedding thingy in our conversations and on how we want it to be.
         My dream wedding? Well, I have always been fantasizing a beach wedding. Unfortunately, there aren’t beautiful white sand beaches in the city so I believe it would be impossible. So,my next option? A garden wedding. But no matter where it is, I’d like it to be simple yet elegant, full of  fun and smiles. I don't want it to be stiff. I want my guests to be comfortable wearing what they feel like wearing. And guests are strictly limited to our families and closest friends. We want it to be intimate. We only want people who had made significant roles in our lives to be there and have fun with us on our Big Day.
           Aside from the wedding venue, there are still a lot of things to consider like wedding invitations, unique souvenirs, the entourage, food, and of course, my wedding dress! Oh no! Just thinking about it makes me realize that my friends are right when they say that planning a wedding isn’t easy. Well, as long as I have faith in HIM, I believe He’ll grant our desires. Excited? Excited much!


Kayce said...

woohoo! excited pud ko sis! wen man? hehehe