Monday, December 6, 2010


         Christmas time, the time to give LOVE, as most people believe, although there is one ultimate reason why we celebrate Christmas day. But aside from that, this is the season of sharing our blessings to our family and loved ones. This is also the season where my responsibilities of being a godmother work. Lol. So as early as now, I have to look for amazing gifts to give my godchildren. I have several godchildren who are still babies. I’m thinking on what to give them. Baby clothes, milk bottles, or baby carrier. Hmm. I guess I would go for the baby carrier because it’s unique. A friend recommended the ergo baby carrier for its comfort and ease of use. It is lightweight and made of breathable materials. It can also be very comfortable for the parents to use because it has generous padding on shoulders and waist belt. I hope my friends will like this Christmas present of mine for their little angels.