Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shoot Me: Our First Christmas

I haven't been able to write for about a week already. So I couldn't let this day pass without submitting an entry. So here's my entry for the Shoot Me meme for this week. I am just glad to share photos of me and Mark on our first Christmas. :) Though he only stayed until 11P.M. and went to his home, I was still indeed very thankful to God for answering one of my prayers, to spend Christmas and other really special occasions with my significant half.
I also want to thank God for the year 2010, for all the blessings He's given me, my family and my loved ones. There may be trials and struggles but He was always there to lift us up. Thank you, Father. I am ready to face another year together with You and in accordance to Your will. 

Forever In Blue Jeans


Alicia said...

What a great looking couple!! Love the pictures!!

Jan n Jer said...

Such a cute couple...glad you enjoyed your Christmas! Happy New Year!