Friday, January 14, 2011

Cash or Check?

   A week ago, I ran an errand for my mom. A list was errands, if I may say. But since I love my mom and she has no one else to do it for her but me, so I said yes. So I started by the paying bills like electric, water, phone, cable and internet bills. I also bought groceries. Then the last place I went to was at K-Link Inc..Mama is distributor of the said company's products. Since my mom's products are almost sold out, she let me order two boxes of mixed products. As I was about to pay, the secretary asked me, "Cash or check?" So I was caught unaware. But gladly I came back to my senses very quickly. I gladly said, "Cash, Ms." That was the time that I noticed that all over her table are different company checks being used by other distributors to pay for their orders. Oh, well. I wasn't really amazed of what I saw because my mom has also been using a bank check ever since. So it was just normal. But what's fulfilling was the effort that I was able to finish all the errands my mom requested. :)