Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roman Blinds

   I mentioned in my posts, if I'm not mistaken, about 3 months ago that my mom has renovated her room. It was so timely then that it was the month of her birthday. So my sister and I gave her an air conditioner as our present. But since the paint, lightings, drawers and other stuff are new, so the curtains and beddings should match the paint color. Since we've been using curtains for a long time already, my mom thought of using roman blinds, instead because we can choose it's own unique, elegant or chic designs and colors that would match the paint in her room. And they also said that blinds are recommended for air conditioned rooms. When I saw this blinds online, got interested  about it, so I immediately told my mom to order them. I hope it will look perfect in the room . :)