Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

      Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So flowers and chocolates would be everywhere because these are usually the things women receive on this day.
      Since this is the first Valentine’s Day for me and my boyfriend, we would make it a memorable and unforgettable one. Few days back, my boyfriend asked his friend this question: “Hey, dude!  Can you give me suggestions on how to make my girl feel more special on Valentine’s Day?” His friend replied, “You take her on a date. Give her flowers and chocolates. And you can also search for a creative gift for her at You can choose various and awesome gifts to give for your girl.”
      Oh well, it doesn’t really matter to me if I don’t receive flowers and chocolates (though I still wish I can receive flowers, too especially the pink ones) LOL. What will matter is that my boyfriend and I would be together in celebrating our first on that so called “Heart’s Day.” Let’s all keep the love alive. 


Kayce said...

haguy i could feel the lamigas in the air na jud diri sis... hehehe! asa man mo mag date sa imong langga? :)

Hollie said...

waaa... I almost forgot about Valentine's...hehehe

My hubby and I are currently broke so.. I'm not sure we'll have a date by then.