Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Needs Sleeping Pills?

       Do I need a sleeping pill? Here’s my routine: I wake at 5:45 to prepare for my work at 6A.M.. Then I am free at around 11A.M. until 6P.M.. I’ll be working again at 6P.M. until 12 midnight. I don’t go to sleep after that. I still have to do reports and check emails, blog, chatting with friends on Facebook and so many other things. So I usually sleep at 2A.M. So going back to my question, do I need sleeping pills? I think I need to consider a lot of major things before I take one pill, right? So I tried searching this suggested site from a friend in the internet – She said this site can somehow help me decide on which pill is right and effective for me. So for you, my friends, before buying pills directly, check out some reviews first and weigh things over.