Friday, April 8, 2011

Boots With No Fur

           It's summer season in the Philippines right now. Most children have no classes in the months of April and May. So this is their time to play as long as they want to. This is also the time of the year that people are getting ready for the beach escapades. Beach resorts are always jampacked during this season. 
         Unfortunately, it is still raining from time to time these days. The forecast says that there would be scattered thunderstorms. Probably it's because of the climate change. So instead of going to the malls and proceed to the swimsuit section, most people are heading to the women's rain boots and kid's rain boots sections.
         Though it's kinda weird why we'll buy rain boots this summer. But we just got to be prepared. Anyway, we can use those pair of boots anytime of the year. Grab one now, especially for Springtime. :)