Friday, April 8, 2011

Dreaming To Be a Franchisee

            Most of the people, nowadays, are striving hard to get hired in a decent and well-paying job. They are doing this to meet the basic needs of each family they represent of. Unfortunately, as a lot of individuals had landed in a job, there are a lot of people who are jobless, as well, because there are no vacancies. 
            My mom has been an entrepreneur since she was young. So aside from her day job, she manages a lending business. I don't know if I got a her genes of being an entrepreneur. I just hope so. Mom has been encouraging us to engage in a business venture. I was hesitant before but as I see the progress and the need to have a business, so now I am open about having my own. But how? 
           There are many franchise opportunities in the country today. I know I just have to choose the best. I've done some research about the top Philippine Franchises and among the top five are bars and cafes, water refilling station, salon and spa, food chains, and food carts. Well, this sounds serious, huh? 
           What can you suggest? I am open for the food cart franchise business because it's easy and the return of investment is very fast, and not to mention that it will be a hit for Filipinos love to eat a lot. Would this be a great idea?