Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home and Lifestyle Shows: One of my Favorites

                    When I have the time to watch TV, I often watch home and lifestyle TV shows because these kind of shows help, inspire, and give brilliant and amazing ideas to their viewers about home improvement, home decor, how to grow a garden etc.. They even teach their viewers do-it-yourself stuff such as making a stool, repairing a leaky faucet, or painting your own bedroom with your favorite color by yourself. 
                    One of the things I usually get excited to watch is when they allow their viewers to take a peek of the famous celebrity mansions. They usually feature a remodeled house or a newly-bought house with customized furniture. The most recent customized furniture I saw on TV were the customized 'jeepney' bed of a famous celebrity host/actress's son and her friends' custom hot tubs. Talking of hot tubs, aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the favorite places I want to see. I just like to see how organize they are with their bathroom. I want to see what shampoo and soap they use, if they store towels for themselves and for guests, how big their hot tubs are, and all those little yet other uncommon stuff we don't normally see from the lower class. 
                    Do you like home and lifestyle shows, too? Which do you prefer: to watch a home and lifestyle show or to watch a reality TV show? And did you also know that you can get an interior design degree online? Check out interior design schools online so that this can probably help you acquire some skill in interior design.