Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WW: Paper Toys

Last week, my boyfriend and my niece had their playtime together. My beau made a simple paper airplane and gave it to my niece. She enjoyed it a lot. Then she suddenly requested Mark to make more paper toys specifically a frog, dog, heart, and polo shirts. :) So my bf immediately made those since he was in the mood folding those papers. :) 
The polo shirts. Czeska said the small one is hers and the large one is his dads. :)
Next is the dog. The most complicated paper toy of all. ;)
Last is the frog. And yeah, it jumps when you press the tail part of the frog. :) 
I will take a picture of my niece and my boyfriend while playing with it next time. :) 
Happy Wednesday, friends! :)


imriz said...

wow! very ingenious origami designs. the little girl here was asking me and the dad to do paper boats...we suck:)


ZehnRe said...

cool! I love ORIGAMI. The polo shirts are so kawaii (cute)!

but I don't know how to make the dog. so complicated. ^_^

Pinx said...

wala akong talent sa mga ganyan. anyway, was here for TT! hope you can drop by.


Vhen said...

awww.forgot ko na gawa niyan been trying that para sa anak ko kaso di ko na magawa hehehe!

here for WW!





happy WW!

hope to see you there also, thanks!

Vernz said...

wow, galing naman... sus baso ra jud akong nabao-an hehe... was here Joan..

ps.. can I have this favor to follow this blog.. just need to reach 100. thanks in advance..


sHeNgKaY said...

wow..talented naman..
Visiting from Wednesday Whites..
Have a nice day!
Here’s mine.. http://www.shengkay.com/2011/07/two-lovelies-my-happiness.html

kat said...

wow! I only know how to make a boat and butterfly hahaha. Nice entry for WW.

Mom's Place

Chie_Wilks said...

wow...very talented naman ng bf mo sis..the dog sure was hard to fold.

here for WW..hope u could visit back:
my WW share

""rare*jonRez"" said...

That's very creative! My daughter would love to learn how to do that! :)


purethoughts said...

wow! i'd like to see a heart origami.. one that beats. hehehe ka sweet oy.. you have a talented bf diay jo! :) thanks for joining us this week!

t raya

cLaire said...

wow! the dog omg.. that's really complicated.. i think i know how to make the last one, me and my sisters use to make one when we were little.

Cheerful said...

wow, that's great...galing ng boyfrend mo, nde kasi lahat marunong nyan, eh! my son attended origami class before, while waiting pati ako nakikitupi, hehehe! visiting late from WW, have a great weekend! :)