Monday, August 8, 2011

Jewelry Making Tools

         While in Cebu last weekend, I happened to chat with my cousin. We talked about anything under the sun just to catch up with the lost times. We were able to tackle about business matters. So my cousin told me something related to the topic. Ever since they were little, Lucy, her sister, and she would stare at their friend's mom whenever their parents would meet at their subdivision weekend meetings. They admired almost everything about her, especially her jewelries.

           Now that they're grown-ups, they still admire her. But that admiration made them strive harder to also own fine jewelries. Little did they know that this would push them into the jewelry business. At first, they bought a set of jewelry making tools, then employed an expert in making jewelries.

           At present, they won a jewelry shop, have 18 employees, and own several jewelry making tools. And early next year, they will open a branch at d biggest mall in the city.

            How awesome is that! I am so happy with what I heard and what they have achieved. I would love to own a jewelry shop someday, too.


Online Jewelry Store said...

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