Monday, August 8, 2011

You Got It!

            There's this new dance contest on TV that we love to watch. It is specified that one of the categories is uniqueness. Costume is also important. One night, we watched the said show. Contestants were ready to perform in their respective costumes. Some were in shorts, some wit headdress, some in pants, and others wore ordinary clothes. Then the contest started.
             One particular contestant who was in hip hop clothes happened to be the last performer. He was the only contestant who was not so prepared to perform. He missed lots of steps but covered them up by just a little step or hop here and there.

             The judges were so impressed that he carried out the whole dance so well in spite of some mistakes. The hip hop clothes he wore were of great help. He won the contest and promised himself to practice more for the next contest he'll join in.

              How about you? Have you tried joining contests like these? How prepared were you then? What preparations did you make?