Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes we Need a Woman's Touch

Only women can breastfeed.
The comfort and nurturing of a mother’s touch along with the nourishment provided by nature’s natural and best first food is an unmatched combination. From the very beginning of life a woman’s touch is one of comfort, trust, and nurturing. Because of the natural ability of women their position and presence in certain vital positions is well known and accepted. Here are just a few:
They are beneficial in the security of staff, prisoners and the general population.
Women are more of a practical choice in the practice of pat down and search of staff or visitors entering the prison setting. Many women find being searched by the same sex as less threatening and intrusive. Not many men, on the other hand object to being searched by a woman.
Searches and pat downs are necessary for the protection and security of prisoners, staff and the public at large. This is a necessary precaution as there is much pressure put on some family members and staff to bring in weapons, cash, drugs and other such paraphernalia. Inmates may manipulate, bribe, blackmail or coerce family into sneaking these items in and passing them to them on visits.
Women correctional officers reduce violence in the prison setting.
Women are also found to bring a calming effect and a sense of normalcy for the male population. Men will actually strive to behave in a more civilized manner and studies have shown that the presence of women have made an impact on lowering the violence in prisons. A woman officer or counselor is more likely to be able to stop a fight before it escalates than her male counterpart. A prison setting is actually a sub cultural. Within that subculture there is a hierarchy. The prisoner who has committed crimes against women or children ranks at the bottom, so it is natural that the prisoner will try to not break that line of taboo, so will try to avoid assaulting the female staff while in the presence of his peers.
Women prisoners feel more secure guarded by female officers.
Women staff at women’s facility too has been found to more practical in many aspects. Many women prisoners have been victims of male abuse and are very uncomfortable with men being around them day and night. They may feel threatened and react adversely. It has also been found that a few male officers have succumbed to the temptation and violated their authority while guarding women and have even caused women inmates to be impregnated.
Victims of abuse are more relaxed in confiding to women staff.
A woman police officer is very beneficial in the interrogation of victims of abuse, assault and rape, while the presence of a male may cause the victim to be even more fearful and refuse to talk. It is not because the male is not gentle, compassionate or good at communicating. It is simply that victims tend to be fearful of someone of the same gender as their assailant directly after the incident. It may take years of counseling to overcome this fear, but in order to proceed and see that justice is sought a woman’s ear is more comforting.
It is less stressful to be examined by a fellow female.
Some women may postpone their appointments and skip them altogether rather than be examined by a male medical professional. There are certain procedures and healthcare issues that a woman is just more comfortable with discussing and going for treatment with woman staff than with a male, for example a pelvic exam or a mammography. These are rather intrusive and private examinations that are made just a little less frightening when shared with another female. It may be difficult to discuss a sexual problem with another female, but it is more than difficult to discuss with a male. She may feel embarrassed and misunderstood. Some male physicians have a female nurse to sit in the office during the procedure in order to make the patient more at ease.
The natural ability of a female to nurture, care for and inspire trust should not be overlooked but encouraged.
Marina is SAHM and content developer working for a retail specialty cocktail and console table store.


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