Sunday, September 11, 2011

Helping Beau Get Rid of Razor Burns

       Men have one accessory that is common among them, the razor. It is one important skin care gadget or tool to keep their facial hair growing too long and preventing those becoming beards. The invention of the razor is a clever one, had it not been developed, men would be using knives or any other sharp objects just to be able to shave their facial hair or mustache. Good thing this handy accessory has revolutionized the way men shave and clean their face.

       I often see my beau use a razor to shave some of his mustache and sometimes, he gets razor burns, especially at the curve lines in the face like the jaw and in the neck. This happens when he shaves not in the direction of the hair growth. These razor burns are very noticeable as they turn red with blood. So I told my beau to use shaving creams for smoother shaving. How to get rid of razor burn, that is what I asked Google so that I can give information to my father on how to shave properly without getting hurt. Thankfully, Google redirected to so many sites offering products that will help and allow ingrown hairs to break freely and with razor burns. I am quite sure that with the new learned knowledge, my boyfriend will look forward to his every shaving session with ease and free from pains and cuts.

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