Sunday, September 11, 2011

Migrating to Canada

     A family friend of ours is currently applying for permanent residency in Canada. They are only a few steps away from the approval of the Canadian immigration consultants. They have decided to migrate in Canada because they know their family and their children will have a brighter future in that country. The principal applicant, which is the father, chose to apply and live in Calgary since he has a relative that lives there too. He finds the best option available should they get approve and start living there. But of course, they would have to find for their own place in Calgary. 

     Lately, the family has been searching for Rentals in Calgary, been up and about in looking for a nice and yet affordable abode in the area. Good thing the father’s relative has been helping them look for one. Just one of the many advantages they have when they get there, they have somebody to turn and run to should they need help as new migrants.

    I am pretty sure that it is going to be one tough journey, tagging their kids along, settling in, finding a new house and finding a job, but I know too that they will get over those, they’re also one tough family. I just hope that their dream of migrating will soon be realized. In due time, they will see a brighter future.