Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Automobiles and Cars

            There is a cutthroat competition going on between automobile makers around the world. Every company is trying to outwit other companies in terms of design and production. Since an automobile has become a necessity nowadays, there has been a great rise in the demand for the sales of cars around the world. This has become the reason why automotive design jobs are in demand by the different manufacturers. 

             It is through their ability to create designs that fits the consumer’s needs that has become the basis of its mass production. This maybe in terms of size, shape, engine capabilities and fuel consumption, passenger comfort and safety, or the latest concept of environmentally-friendly vehicles. The price of automobiles vary depending on their manufacturer, some automobile companies have their cars sold so expensively that only those who can afford it can have it but with the assurance that these vehicles are the top of the line and one of a kind. But as long as they serve the purpose why they are built, consumers will still buy it, whether it is expensive or not.