Friday, September 23, 2011

Trading the Simple Life

           Sometimes we all wish we can live the lives of the rich and famous, even for just a day. We sometimes daydream of living in humongous mansions and cribs, dip in Olympic-size pools, being whisked away in fancy cars and billeted in plush hotels with the best hot tubs awaiting our tired and weary bodies. Sometimes we all wish we can experience that, living the fancy life. But have it ever crossed your mind that the rich and famous people too may also want to live our simple lives? 

          Take for example the hotel heiress Paris Hilton. I remember her TV series Simple Life, where she and her best friend Nicole Richie took of their “millionaire’s hats” and traded for the simple life. They went from one town to another and just plainly living what the ordinary people are doing. I may not know what their ulterior motives are, but seeing them set an example that those on high pedestals can sometimes go down and experience what it is to be on the ground makes me think that life is really beautiful, whether you are rich, famous or not.