Thursday, October 13, 2011

Defuzz Dilemma

        A percentage of women have a problem of getting rid of their upper lip hairs. Or maybe you are one of them...So the question is, how do we get rid of upper lip hairs? Is it true that they grow back thicker if we shave them just like the hairs on our legs and armpits?

       According to my readings, the process of waxing easily removes the hairs above your upper lip. There are two ways you can choose from. It's either you go to a salon and have them professionally waxed or you can simply wax them off yourself using a home facial waxing kit.

      If you choose to wax them off yourself, just simply follow the directions of the kit. All you need is some warm or cold wax spread them thinly and carefully over the hairs, press the wax using a fabric strip, and after a few minutes pull the wax fast. Sounds, uhmm, painful? Oh well, if you consider yourself a big girl already then you can surely handle stuff like this.

       It is really important to have followed the process correctly so that all the hairs are pulled off. They will not grow back thicker but instead thinner because the hairs were pulled at the root. It will only grow back thicker is we shave them.

       So do you have problems with upper lip hairs? Try that process at home or to be safe, go to the nearest salon and have it removed by a professional.