Friday, October 7, 2011

Gift Ideas for Men

      If you have to think of a gift and who to give it to, chances are it is easier to gift women than men. Basically, women can tell or express what it is they like while men remain almost mysterious often. It is just how men are wired because they lack the linguistic capability that women have. With focus and determination, being able to express one's thoughts can be learned. On the other hand, not all women are expressive but most take it easy.

       If you are the girl, what birthday gifts for boyfriend can you think of? Have you asked him what he likes or are you also left hanging on to mystery?

       Here are some clues. Men are generally practical. They want something useful like something to add to the tool box. Power tools will always be a delight. If you want something that he can use everyday to remember you by, try a wallet, key holder or a refillable pen engraved with his name.