Friday, October 7, 2011

Internet Protection

       Being connected over the internet gives  you the privilege of learning a lot as information is often free for the taking. You can also watch videos and see history like you have never before or watch missed movies or even reminisce with your favorites. It is also a place where you can play games and entertain yourself. You can also download software applications, programs, games, videos, mp3s, documents, presentations, etc. Having all of them at the tip of your fingertips is just awesome, is it not? Not to mention the speedy communication by email.

       Once you get connected over the internet you are exposing your computer to the outside world. Even if you do not share something from your computer, what usually happens is you get infected with viruses and malwares and worms. Since most users are using Windows, virus creators are writing codes that will infect Windows users to spread the evil intent more widely. Check with to maximize internet protection