Saturday, December 3, 2011


Summer would be here before we know it.  For now the swimsuits have to be kept as sweaters and jackets are in for the cold weather.  But who does not love summer?  For girls who are so dying to wear their swimsuits, these tips should be helpful in shaving your legs.

First of all, shaving is considered to be an art or a skill.  Not everyone can do it properly. 

 Here are some helpful tips:
1.        Invest in a good razor. Good quality razors may be a little bit more expensive but they sure are worth it.  It is better to buy them rather than those cheap ones which can only be used at least twice.
2.       Get a good shaving gel or cream. If you are not careful, you could end up having cuts which could even lead to infections.  If you don’t have one, shampoo and conditioner would serve the purpose just as well.
3.       Moisturize.  Apply lotion or moisturizing cream to avoid your legs from cracking.

         Wear those swimsuits with confidence—and don’t forget to enjoy the summer heat!

(photo not mine)


kimmy said...

wow! that's EARLY, lol!