Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Most Notable Christian Colleges In The U.S.

Christian colleges are their own breed.  These schools combine the usual college education with Christian values which results in a unique environment and learning experience.  These are the 5 most notable of these Christian colleges in the U.S. and what Christian colleges provide that makes them so special.

Spiritual Formation

These colleges provide a spiritual foundation for an ethical life.  While other colleges may stick to providing an education that sticks to the usual school subjects, Christian colleges focus on teaching their students how to act in accordance with their faith in all situations.  This is something that you won't find at most colleges and it makes Christian colleges a cut above the rest.  Teaching classes that lead to a degree in a certain subject area is one thing.  Teaching students to be emissaries of Christ's love to the world is quite another.

A Christian Environment

Another special aspect of going to a Christian college is the Christian environment.  Some colleges are such jokes that they are referred to as party schools.  In fact, at many schools parties consisting of drunk college students and indiscriminate sexual relations are the norm.  At a good Christian college you will find no wild parties of this sort to distract from your studies, from your Christian morals, or from being a decent human being.  The Christian environment attempts to elevate the behavior of students to one of thoughtful actions where all are respected and Christian morals are upheld.

Helping Others

Christian colleges also tend to focus on helping others.  Whether this shows up as volunteering at local charities or just finding those that need assistance on campus, this is a noble pursuit and another one that you will find in short supply at many non-Christian colleges.  Christian colleges do not stop with the memorization of Bible verses to be trotted out whenever someone has beliefs that are not Christian.  Instead, these colleges teach students to be of service to others in need regardless of their beliefs.  This is an honorable undertaking as Christian colleges teach their students to show love to all people and most especially those who are in need of that love.

Deep Religious Discussions

Christian colleges provide the perfect venue for deep religious discussions.  Christians need to explore and discuss their beliefs to understand the logic behind them and to be able to believe them not just because that's what they grew up with.  These discussions allow students to explore their beliefs so that every student can choose what they believe and what they need to look at in greater detail for a fuller understanding before they decide what they believe.

A Quality Education With All the Above

As if all that were not enough, these Christian colleges supply students with quality college educations as well.  The presence of Christian beliefs does not take away from the usual college experience.  To the contrary, these beliefs are integrated into that experience to make college itself a Christian experience.

5 Most Notable Christian Colleges

  1. Wheaton College
  2. Westmont College
  3. George Fox University
  4. Pepperdine University
  5. Gordon College

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