Monday, August 8, 2011

Bitten By A Dog

   In this generation, hi-tech electronic gadgets are in, like cellphones, computers, iPods, iPads, and many more. My nephew wanted so much to buy PS3, since almost all his friends own one. He ordered one from his uncle in the states. He was so glad when at last, he got what he wanted. He took good care of it to the point that even his sister was not allowed to play if he's not around.
    Then one night, he attended a gathering. Out of curiosity, his sister took the PS3 from the drawer, plugged it in and played. Buts she was so careless that after playing, she left the PS3 headset on the chair, forgetting to place it back in the drawer.
    After a while, their dog got the PS3 headset and bit the cord into pieces. When my nephew came back, he saw what happened. He got so mad. However, since he couldn't do anything about it, in the morning, he went to the mall to find PS3 headset and bought it.
     The moral of this is to return the gadgets or anything to its proper place, right?